ATMI unveils third-generation Integrity LevMixer


Single-use mixer offers remote control feature and realtime monitoring alert system

ATMI, a global technology company and single-use bioprocess solutions specialist, has unveiled the third generation of its Integrity LevMixer system with full remote control capability and real-time speed reading.

The LevMixer 3 builds on the mobile, single-use mixing of the previous generation to enable mixing in volumes from 6–2,000 litres with real-time reading of impeller speed and a process monitoring/alert capability. ATMI says it is also the first mixer of its kind to be offered as fully Underwriter's Laboratory (UL) certified.

The device will be on show at next week’s Interphex trade show in New York, US.

The real-time reading of impeller speed on the LevMixer 3 has an alarm feature that alerts the user to any process disruptions, such as the impeller separating from the drive head. Users may access a detailed activity report during on-going applications to monitor the mixer either onsite, or remotely from a different location. When operating onsite, users will benefit from a touchscreen PLC that features access to the mixing recipe in use.

The LevMixer 3 is based on non-contact magnetic coupling, which creates an equilibrium position for the tank drive units. Each unit allows maximum flexibility through the ability to use interchangeable tanks with the drive system. In many cases, one drive unit can service three mixing systems. ATMI also provides open architecture for users to take advantage of the complementary single-use vessels delivered with the mixer, or use their own vessels. All ATMI vessels are created from proprietary TK8 film, which has been shown to be less cytotoxic than other materials.

‘ATMI was the first company to file patents for impeller-based mixing technology, and all parts used in the LevMixer are based on ATMI-patented single-use process technologies,’ said Eric Isberg, Integrity Single-Use Fluid Technologies Product Manager at ATMI LifeSciences.

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‘Our core focus has been to use these technologies to improve user experience and offer the most comprehensive range of single-use mixing systems to the market for a wide range of applications. Development for the LevMixer 3 project focused on advancing the technology by protecting the rotation of the impeller and providing real-time reading of the impeller with an alarm feature.’