Actavis announces new global business structure


Consolidates all commercial operations into one division and creates position of global head of R&D to lead all research activity

Dublin-headquartered Actavis has announced a new global business structure with the aim of maximising its long-term growth.

Under the revised structure, Actavis' global generics, specialty brands, branded generics, legacy brands, over-the-counter (OTC) and third-party commercial operations and business development have been consolidated into a single new division, to be led by Siggi Olafsson, President, Actavis Pharma.

Research and development activities across generic, brand, inhalation and biosimilars organisations have also been consolidated, to be headed by Fred Wilkinson, who takes the newly created position of President, Actavis Global Research and Development.

'This organisation will provide 'unprecedented management focus on driving our company to the next stage in our evolution and ensure our successful evolution into the world's premier, global specialty pharmaceutical leader', said Paul Bisaro, Chairman and Chief Executive of Actavis.

'In concert with this realignment, I have established four clear strategic pillars of growth for the continued expansion of Actavis.'

These include maximising the firm's commercial structure to capitalise on the value of its pharmaceutical products, regardless of whether they are generic, brand, branded generic, OTC or biosimilars; putting a continued focus on organic growth through maximising research and development expertise; improving efficiency and cost control across its global manufacturing and distribution network; and investing in continued expansion of its commercial, portfolio and technology capabilities through mergers, acquisitions and business development initiatives.

I have established four clear strategic pillars of growth for the continued expansion of Actavis

'By placing all commercial pharmaceutical sales and marketing functions under Siggi Olafsson, our new commercial structure will better position us to respond to market needs and compete more effectively on the global specialty pharmaceutical stage,' added Bisaro.

'Combining our commercial operations will dramatically strengthen Actavis' position as a global provider of pharmaceutical products to our patients in our diverse customer base.'

Bisaro added that combining generic, brand, inhalation and biosimilar research and development, global regulatory affairs and global pharmacovigilance activities under Wilkinson would 'dramatically enhance our ability to deliver on a fully integrated, global pharmaceutical pipeline and ensure we maximise value for every dollar we spend'.

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In addition to the commercial and R&D changes, Actavis says Robert Stewart, President of Global Operations, will be charged with driving efficiencies across the organisation and capitalising on the most efficient use of human and financial resources, as well as harnessing the capabilities of Actavis' global manufacturing and distribution functions.