Actavis opens Asia Pacific regional headquarters in Singapore


Will help drive geographic expansion and growth in emerging markets across Southeast Asia

Actavis has opened a new regional office in Singapore that will serve as the headquarters for the company\'s Asia Pacific and Africa (APACA) region.

The Dublin, Ireland-headquartered speciality pharmaceutical company has also announced that its subsidiary operating in Singapore, generics manufacturer Drug Houses of Australia (DHA), will adopt the Actavis brand.

Actavis is a leading player in the Singapore healthcare market through its DHA business, which offers a broad portfolio of pharmaceuticals including generics, brands and over-the-counter (OTC) products. The company also operates a manufacturing facility in the country, producing tablets, capsules, oral solutions, dry suspensions, ointments and liniments in various formulations. In total, Actavis employs more than 130 people in Singapore.

Regionally, Actavis has leading positions in Indonesia, Hong Kong, Australia and New Zealand, and is quickly growing in Vietnam and Malaysia. Last year, the company launched more than 70 products and filed more than 85 applications for new products within the region.

Earlier this month Actavis acquired Thailand-based pharmaceutical company, Silom Medical, for US$100m.

Actavis is seeking to grow its operations in emerging markets and it believes Singapore\'s central location and robust logistical and regulatory infrastructure will support its expansion into Southeast Asia.

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\'Singapore offers the ideal strategic location for Actavis\' Asia Pacific headquarters,\' said Hordur Thorhallsson, Actavis\' Senior Vice President, APACA. \'The centralised location within the region provides ready access to the Asia Pacific markets, and it offers excellent logistical and regulatory infrastructure and a government with exceptional knowledge and experience working with the global pharmaceutical industry. We look forward to further establishing and strengthening our operations in Singapore in the years to come.\'