Applied Photophysics makes key appointments


Tim Flanagan has taken the CEO role and Marc Neglia has been promoted to President of Applied Photophysics Inc.

Tim Flanagan

Applied Photophysics, the UK expert in biophysical characterisation of biomolecules, has announced the appointment of Tim Flanagan as Chief Executive Officer and member of the Board of Directors, effective immediately.

Flanagan succeeds Paul Walker who has been acting as Interim CEO for the past year and who will continue to support the company in a transition period before he resumes his previous role as a non-executive member of the Board.

"Tim brings a wealth of relevant experience having been a commercial executive for many organisations, which Applied Photophysics respect and admire as peers in the industry," said David Berglund, Chairman Applied Photophysics.

Berglund noted that over the past few months, Flanagan has advised the company's commercial approach in one of its strategically most important areas. "In this period, he has demonstrated his ability to assess, analyse and drive both people and organisations in a commercially successful direction. Skills which we value highly. I look forward to continuing working closely with Tim," he said.

Flanagan has over 25-years of leadership experience in the life sciences tools markets and has previously held senior roles in Bioquell, GE Life Sciences, MicroCal, Bio-Rad, and Beckman Coulter.

"I am honoured to be joining the company in such an exciting phase," said Flanagan commenting on his appointment. "The company is positioned with fantastic technology and a reputation that is second to none within its core markets. Fundamental research is as important as it ever was and with the increasing influence of biopharmaceuticals on health management, systems for the analysis of safe and effective therapeutics are in strong demand. Applied Photophysics is at the forefront of in-depth bioanalytical testing. I would also like to thank Paul and the rest of the Applied Photophysics board for the past 12 months, setting the company up for future growth."

Applied Photophysics has also announced that Marc Neglia has been promoted to President of Applied Photophysics Inc. to lead operations in the Americas. Neglia will also be an executive member of the Board of Directors.

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Neglia has more than 25 years of senior leadership experience, which includes a decade of leading high performing sales teams that have delivered exceptional growth in the biotech and scientific sectors. Most recently, as the North American Sales Director at Applied Photophysics, he had helped to re-establish the company as a key player in the protein characterization market. He holds a BS Degree in Electronics Engineering from Thomas Edison State University and an MBA Degree from Drexel University.