AstraZeneca considers nanonisation to increase bioavailability of products

Published: 25-Sep-2019

Nanoform has been chosen to evaluate its proprietary CESS technology across a range of AstraZeneca’s proprietary pharmaceutical products

Nanoform and AstraZeneca have begun a technology evaluation of Nanoform’s Proprietary CESS technology across a range of AstraZeneca’s proprietary pharmaceutical products.

The proprietary nanoparticle engineering technology uses nanonisation to increase the dissolution rates of poorly soluble APIs, therefore improving their bioavailability.

The initial aim of this study is to assess the added value that Nanoform’s proprietary technology could deliver across the pharmaceutical value chain.

Edward Hæggström, CEO of Nanoform said: “Producing tailored nanoparticles <200nm from solution, in a controlled and reproducible manner, with good yield and without the need for excipients is highly challenging to do by current pharmaceutical manufacturing techniques or processes.”

Commenting on the agreement, Hæggström added: “We have always believed that our technology has significant value to offer the Pharma industry, particularly in reducing clinical attrition rates by nanonisation to increase dissolution rates of poorly soluble APIs and overcome significant bioavailability challenges, as evidenced by the work conducted between us and our pharmaceutical partners.”

“This is the first step of hopefully a long and successful relationship between our two companies and we look forward to working closely with AZ to support their early development needs and validating the value of our technology for their products,” Hæggström concluded.

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