Central Pharma offers range of temperature and monitored warehouse and drugs storage


The global company provides a range of contract packaging services to healthcare organisations

Central Pharma offers a range of warehouse and controlled drugs storage options globally.

Temperature and monitored controlled warehouse storage

Central Pharma provides a range of warehousing options including temperature controlled and ambient monitored storage. It currently has three storage facilities covering more than 5000m2 and a capacity in excess of 3000 pallet locations. Within this space it offers locked restricted access, bulk storage and mezzanine shelving for smaller consignments.

Central Pharma has a fully computerised stock control system for efficient and accurate stock movements and the professionalism and long term experience of the staff ensures optimal processes are in accordance with MHRA, cGMP and GDP regulations.

Controlled drugs storage

Central Pharma completed the construction of its scheduled 1-5 narcotics controlled drugs vault in 2017. It can hold more than 100 pallet locations, which will offer clients assured quality of their medicinal products.

This facility is temperature and monitor controlled operating to cGMP, MHRA and Home Office regulations. The area is monitored by CCTV 24/7 with restricted personnel access, including a limited number of authorised key holders.

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Available services include the storage and distribution for both controlled drugs and clinical trials.