Compact, precise and cost-effective

Published: 15-Mar-2017

HERMA presents new wrap-around labelling system for Interpack 2017

Up until now, users often had to make a difficult decision when applying wrap-around labelling to medicinal products, for example: will an inexpensive and compact standard system with little scope for expansion suffice given the common product dimensions? Or does this require a more complex and expansive special machine with longer lead times because different printing and control systems have to be integrated?

With this in mind, HERMA will present an innovative solution at Interpack 2017 (Hall 12, Stand B24): the compact 152E wrap-around labelling system covers a wide range of product dimensions but can, for example, be equipped with the complete pharmaceutical equipment from the outset. This include modules for variable data printing, or controlling printing and codes or checking that labels are present and for the corresponding ejection.

Stable and efficient production processes

The new 152E comes in two variants: the version with a label application belt has no format sets whatsoever. This not only leads to particularly short set-up times but also to a remarkable performance of up to 100 products per minute.

Higher precision can be achieved with the roller prism machine. This version handles around 90 products per minute, and only a few format sets have to be replaced when changing the product dimensions.

Furthermore, users will see that the rotary starwheel no longer needs to be replaced on both variants through the use of a linear concept. With the 152E, ejection is effected via a box. “Some users, such as pharmaceutical or cosmetic manufacturers, place great value on stable and efficient production processes. Short set-up times but also the perfect interplay of proven and optimally coordinated modules are important prerequisites in this respect", states Martin Kühl, Head of the HERMA Labelling Machines Division.

“The new 152E fulfils every need in the case of common product dimensions and even with typical pharmaceutical requirements through the use of standard components.”

The new wrap-around labelling system will première in Europe at Interpack 2017. A preview took place at the end of February 2017 at Pack Expo East in Philadelphia.

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