Contamination and vapour measurement for pharma products


Versaperm has developed a new multi-chamber mass-spectroscopy based instrument that allows you to identify and correct problems by measuring the permeability not just of water vapour but for virtually any carrier gas

Contamination in pharmaceutical and healthcare products causes reduced potency, shorter shelf-life and sometimes even allergic reactions.

The problem is that the contamination actually permeates in through the material of any receptacle, package or blister. This is usually in conjunction with water or other vapours. At the same time, compounds, liquids and aromatics vital to the product can just as easily seep out in the same way.

The system works as well on finished products as it does on products ranging from a single capsule in a unitary dose (blister) pack, injectable or clean peel system, through to moisturisers, grooming products and cosmetics.

The permeability measurement system is typically accurate to a few parts per million (PPB) or better, parts per billion for some materials and gasses.

Unlike many conventional vapour permeability measurement system, which can take days or even weeks, the Versaperm system can often produce results in as little as 30 minutes for some materials. This speeds the never-ending quest for quality control and effective packaging with new marketing and technical features.

The new instrument can measure several samples at the same time and additionally, Versaperm offers a fast turnaround laboratory testing service and a consultancy service.

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