Covectra introduces label and mobile authentication service

Authentication can be performed using a free phone app, making it accessible to consumers and anyone in the supply chain

Covectra has announced the StellaGuard, a label and mobile authentication product designed to enable brand managers and consumers to combat counterfeiting.

The cloud-based mobile authentication solution is reportedly able to protect buyers, identify illicit sellers, provide universal brand protection, and strengthen track and tracing capabilities throughout the supply chain.

The updated version of StellaGuard includes enhancements including a combination of two simultaneous authentication methods. The label provides dual protection with a non-reproducible film that combines a serialized QR barcode with a 3D image of holographic “stars” embedded in a random, non-repeatable pattern, distributed at varying depths and positions inside the label.

With third-party merchants popping up exponentially, Covectra says, existing security product labels either require specialised reading devices or lack the ability for manufacturers to comprehensively trace their products through the supply chain to the consumer.

“Today’s global brands are scrambling to step up their efforts in cracking down on the number of counterfeited products streaming into the supply chain every day,” said Steve Wood, Covectra’s CEO. “Our StellaGuard smart label and mobile authentication solution provides a new weapon for enhanced counterfeit detection and prevention and, when combined with our AuthentiTrack solution, will provide a comprehensive track and trace program which can be scaled to any operation.”

Using any smartphone, consumers scan the product’s barcode using the free StellaGuard app and verify the product’s authenticity within seconds. This solution eliminates the need for a special device, making it accessible to consumers, field inspectors, supply chain, and custom officers. The StellaGuard packaging line cameras capture the star pattern on the label and stores it in the cloud.