Daewoong Pharmaceutical opens Chinese laboratory


Now established in Beijing and Shenyang

Korean drug company Daewoong Pharmaceutical has taken a step towards establishing a global network with its recently built Daewoong Pharmaceutical Liaoning laboratory in China becoming operational.

The newly built lab, located in the Benxi Economic Development Zone near Shenyang, will develop oral solution products and solid formulations for Chinese consumers. The lab is under Liaoning Baifeng, a Shenyang-based drug manufacturer acquired by the Korean company in August 2013.

Daewoong Pharmaceuticals now has a corporate body and offices in Beijing and factories and labs in Shenyang. With these establishments, the company plans to reach sales revenue of US$463.4m within China by 2020.

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The drug lab adopts an open collaboration strategy that encourages collaboration with major institutions in the three Northeast Provinces in China, such as the local colleges of pharmacy, research centres and other pharmaceutical companies in drug technologies and research.