Dako enters collaboration with Bristol-Myers Squibb

On the development of pharmacodiagnostic tests

Dako of Denmark has signed a broad framework agreement with Bristol-Myers Squibb on the development of pharmacodiagnostic tests to identify patients more likely to benefit from treatment with investigational drug candidates under development by Bristol-Myers Squibb. The agreement builds on a collaboration begun in 2008.

‘This alliance heralds the intentions of both companies to work closely together to develop new diagnostic tests linked to drugs for the higher purpose of identifying the patients most likely to respond to treatment,’ said Lars Holmkvist, chief executive of Dako.

’It is part of Dako's long-term strategy to collaborate with pharma companies on the development of companion diagnostic tests. The partnership agreements simply underpin Dako's mission to deliver the highest standards and accurate diagnoses – ultimately to the benefit of patients all over the world.’