Dow Chemical and Cambrex cut the ribbon on completion of Affinisol facility

Published: 30-Oct-2013

The Cambrex Karlskoga site in Sweden was completed in less than a year

Dow Chemical and Cambrex celebrated the completion of a new facility for Dow’s Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose Acetate Succinate (HPMCAS) for drug solubility enhancement with a ribbon-cutting ceremony at the Cambrex Karlskoga site in Sweden.

The Cambrex Karlskoga facility expansion began in early 2013 and Bjarne Sandberg, Managing Director of Cambrex Karlskoga said the firm is 'proud to have completed this carefully executed expansion in such a short amount of time'.

The facility completion and start of the HPMCAS product validation marks a year-long journey that began with a solubilisation partnership between Dow and Bend Research, announced in October 2012.

Starting early 2014, Dow will offer commercial supply of solubility-enabling excipients.

'We are very pleased with our manufacturing collaboration with Cambrex, which has allowed us to maximise Dow’s polymer science and application expertise, and enter the market with Affinisol in a short amount of time to help our customers meet their solubility challenges,' added Sarah Eckersley, R&D Director for Dow Pharma & Food Solutions.

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