Eppendorf UK wins Logistics Award for delivery performance


Consistently delivers laboratory products on time, says Fisher Scientific

Eppendorf UK has won the 2010 Fisher Scientific Logistics Award in recognition of the firm’s ability to maintain the highest standards in product delivery.

Fisher Scientific presented the award to Eppendorf’s European area sales manager, Brigitte Koch, and Steve Dey, applications manager, at the end of a three-day training event held at the Barcelo Hotel in Hinckley, Leicestershire.

‘Eppendorf has consistently demonstrated its ability to deliver on time and complete in 2010, despite challenging and ever-changing market conditions,’ said Dave Darker, category manager, Fisher Scientific UK. ‘We are delighted that both fill rates and SLOTC (ship lines on time and complete) performance have been on plan, which enabled Fisher Scientific to deliver the excellent customer experience on which we pride ourselves.’

Between the placement of a customer order and delivery of the requested Eppendorf products, a sophisticated distribution machine ensures that each laboratory gets what it needs, when it needs it. The smooth and efficient communication channel between Eppendorf and Fisher provides customers with a fast electronic ordering system. The result is a reduction in freight, storage and handling costs, and lower carbon emissions. Online databases offer product-specific information and multiple distribution centres prevent service and delivery disruption. An online order-tracking system and a procurement process that can be tailored to the individual lab’s needs help prevent errors in paperwork and further reduce waste.

Koch said: ‘We are very proud to be receiving the Logistics Award in recognition of our achievements. Maintaining the highest standards in product delivery through a reliable, traceable and efficient service is a top priority at Eppendorf UK and for our partners.’

Cambridge-based supplier of laboratory products, Eppendorf UK, incorporated New Brunswick into its operation from the beginning of this year. It is a subsidiary of Eppendorf of Hamburg, Germany.