Explore the world of surface science


Krüss launches a new engaging and content-rich website with optimised mobile use and diverse navigation aids for newcomers to interfacial analysis

Explore the world of surface science

Krüss has completely renewed the company's website in a relaunch. Fresh content is now even more accessible, whether at the office or mobile. Moreover, the focus is on a solution-oriented approach that makes navigation easier, especially for non-expert visitors.

Users are sometimes initially unaware that a certain behavior of their product could be related to interfacial chemistry.

For example, visitors who want to remedy the lack of long-term adhesion of a coating or the formation of lumps in a dispersion are not necessarily familiar with the relevant contact angle measurement techniques. It is much more obvious to look for a solution that starts directly from the problem.

With the new website, Krüss puts this entry option in the foreground. Visitors select their material and/or their process and the website offers purposeful information from the customer-focused site: use cases, application reports, videos, products, background knowledge, and more. In addition, there is still a classic menu navigation, which quickly provides orientation with a clear structure and a variety of functions such as filters, bookmarks, or a comparison of selected products.

The new Krüss website is available at www.kruss-scientific.com in German, English, and Chinese.

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