Freeman Technology unveils a new guide to powder behaviour

Published: 9-Jul-2014

Explains how and why powders behave the way they do, and how this affects powder processing and characterisation

Freeman Technology, a UK headquartered specialist in powder characterisation, has published a new educational guide entitled: ‘An Introduction to Powders’.

Written in a straightforward, easy to understand style, the booklet explains how and why powders behave the way they do, and how this affects powder processing and characterisation. It provides a valuable foundation for those with little prior knowledge of powders as well as being a useful resource for anyone looking to expand their understanding of the factors relevant to product development and processing performance.

The booklet is now available to download free of charge from the Freeman Technology website at

Powders are ubiquitous throughout industry with applications ranging from pharmaceuticals and food to cosmetics and ceramics. Understanding powder behaviour is an essential precursor to efficient processing.

The new booklet, authored by Tim Freeman, Managing Director of Freeman Technology, focuses on how the three components of a powder – the particles, surrounding air and any moisture present – interact to define powder behaviour, and provides answers to the most frequently encountered powder processing issues throughout industry.

In addition to detailing the mechanisms that define powder behaviour, the new guide explores the importance of powder flowability across a range of industrial processes. It explains the significance of operational conditions in the context of powder processing and highlights direct correlations between dynamic powder properties and process performance.

With more than a decade of experience specialising in the measurement and understanding of powders, Freeman Technology is a global leader in powder characterisation. The new guide is the first in a series that condenses the company’s expertise into accessible support for those faced with powder processing or formulation challenges.

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