GE completes acquisition of strategic assets from Thermo Fisher Scientific

Closing of the deals means an immediate expansion of GE's cell culture media production capabilities in Asia, the Americas and Europe

GE Healthcare has completed the acquisition, announced at the beginning of the year, of Thermo Fisher’s HyClone cell culture media and sera, and gene modulation and magnetic beads businesses. The acquisition allows GE to expand its offering of tools, technologies and services for the discovery and manufacture of innovative new medicines, vaccines and diagnostics in its growing Life Sciences business.

'GE Healthcare has built a world-class set of technologies for the life sciences sector, and these new businesses will strongly enhance our current offerings,' said Kieran Murphy, President and CEO of GE Healthcare’s Life Sciences business. 'As well as providing us with new tools for drug discovery and biomedical research, our customers in biopharmaceutical manufacturing will benefit straight away from an expanded range of “start-to-finish” technologies that will help them improve product yields and reduce time-to-market.

'Through this acquisition we immediately expand our cell culture media production capabilities in Asia, the Americas and Europe, enabling us to offer the biopharmaceutical industry greater confidence in the security of supply of a key part of their production process.'

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