Gentronix expands dermal toxicology services

The addition of phototoxicity services, planned for Q2 2021, will enable the assessment of whether materials have adverse toxicity profiles after UV light activation

Gentronix is expanding its service range to provide specialist services in the field of dermal toxicology.

The company has increased capacity for genetic and skin toxicology testing from its laboratories at Alderley Park, and is now adding a range of services including OECD guideline 3D in vitro skin irritation & corrosion models, and phototoxicity endpoints.

The addition of these services to the company’s portfolio strengthens its ability to support clients in meeting regulatory requirements, identifying potential hazards within project pipelines and managing risk for their materials. The addition of skin corrosion and irritation endpoints through the use of 3D in vitro skin models enables Gentronix to perform studies that form part of chemical safety assessments, providing upstream toxicology assessments to the currently available in vitro skin sensitisation services at Gentronix.

Corrosion and irritation tests enable direct chemical damage to the skin surface to be assessed, identified and the risk managed. This feeds into a wider safety assessment, including whether a chemical has the potential to result in an allergic reaction after exposure to the skin, which is assessed through the skin sensitisation endpoints already available.

MD at Gentronix, Matt Tate, said: “Following the round of investment secured at the end of 2019, we have embarked on a growth strategy looking at increasing capacity within our existing business and also expanding the service areas we operate in.

“So far, the COVID-19 pandemic has placed pressures on capacity within the wider sector, increasing delays without relaxation of regulatory deadlines which is causing challenges for businesses. By adding this new service capacity to the market - without a backlog of projects - means that we can turn around requests and testing quickly in 2021, with significant commercial advantages for clients and enabling our continued growth as a business.”