Gold status for Vetter: named best managed company for the fourth time

Published: 30-May-2023

As one of the leading companies in the highly regulated and energy-intensive biopharma industry, Vetter has already been CO2-neutral worldwide since 2021

Vetter has been recognised as Best Managed Company for the fourth time in a row – and now carries gold status. The internationally renowned award is presented annually by Deloitte Private, Frankfurter Allgemeine Newspaper and the Federation of German Industries (BDI) to medium-sized and family-run companies in over 40 countries. 

"We are very proud to have been awarded this prestigious seal of quality for the fourth time," said Vetter Managing Director Peter Soelkner. "As a leading service provider in the production of complex injectable drugs, we are an innovative and reliable partner for our large and small customers – especially in economically challenging times. We see this award as further confirmation that we are on the right track." 

Earning this recognition requires a comprehensive and sustainable strategy. This is Vetter NExT 2029: six initiatives with 26 fields of action and four focus topics worked on by interdisciplinary teams with progress tracked regularly. 

The entire value chain of the CDMO is strategically covered. Higher-level topics of modern business operations are also addressed, such as digital transformation, organisational development, and sustainability. 

Pioneer in sustainability 

The judges also set high standards for the sustainability assessment. As one of the leading companies in the highly regulated and energy-intensive biopharma industry, Vetter has already been CO2-neutral worldwide since 2021. Last year, the CDMO published its first comprehensive sustainability report and achieved gold status in the internationally recognised EcoVadis ranking. At the beginning of this year, Vetter joined the UN Global Compact and is thus driving the expansion of responsible supply chains in the industry and sustainable business processes. The sustainability activities are an integral part of the corporate strategy and cover the areas of economy, ecology, and social issues. 

Holistic innovation management for future technologies 

An integral part of the corporate strategy is the innovation management process, through which trends are recognised at an early stage and converted into innovations in a targeted manner. The focus lays on sustainable technologies, processes, products, and services. One example is the optimisation of production-related processes using new intelligent technologies. 

"We continue to develop topic areas in line with customer demands, such as the interaction of man and machine in assistance systems or the use of cooperative and autonomous robots. These initiatives are compelling and at the same time essential in order to offer our customers innovative solutions, and consequently being able to partner at eye level," explained Vetter Managing Director Thomas Otto. The goal is to continuously improve flexibility, productivity, quality, IT, and operational safety. 

Markus Seiz, Program Manager Best Managed Company and Director at Deloitte Private, explained the judge’s assessment as follows: "In all social crises, we look at the resilience and stability of the participating candidates. As a family-owned company, Vetter offers these success factors to a high degree, among others through its forward-looking and holistic strategic planning. In addition, the pharmaceutical service provider is already a leader in key transformation topics such as sustainability. These fields of action ensure future viability, resulting in Vetter being 'Best in Class' for us again this year." 

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