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At Analytica 2018, Shimadzu launched the new Micro-LC system Nexera Mikros as well as the new Nexgen GC CAGC-100 a new and innovative "plate column" technology and multi-deans switch

The runner is Shimadzu's key visual for the 2018 analytica show and symbolizes the company's central idea of

Shimadzu, one of the world leaders in analytical instrumentation, displayed current and new highlights from its entire analytical instrumentation range consisting of chromatography, spectroscopy, spectrometry, TOC, material testing and software.

Nexera Mikros

Nexera Mikros

Among its product range was the new Nexera Mikros, a micro flowrate-compatible liquid chromatograph mass spectrometer. The instrument achieves at least ten times the sensitivity for target compounds compared to standard LC-MS analysis. This is due to the LC-Mikros, a solvent delivery pump with a new control system to reduce pulsation and deliver a stable solvent flow even at low micro flowrates. In addition, positioning of the ionisation interface has been optimised for more efficient sample introduction into the mass spectrometer.

In pharmaceutical development analysis occasionally has to be performed on trace amounts only of components in small blood samples. In such cases, LC-MS systems compatible with nano flowrates have been utilised to improve efficiency of the intake of target components to the mass spectrometer. However, nano flowrate-compatible LC-MS systems often suffer from complications in terms of instrument operability and processing speed.

Nexera Mikros can accommodate a wide range of flowrates, from semi-micro flowrates (100 to 500 µL/min), often used for analysis in existing systems, to micro flowrates (1 to 10 µL/min).

Nexgen GC CAGC-100

Nexgen GC CAGC-100

Also released was the new next-generation "Nexgen GC" multidimensional gas chromatograph. It achieves miniaturisation and high-speed analysis by the proprietary "plate column" technology and multi-deans switch (patented technology). It is a next generation GC making it easy to use multidimensional analysis suitable for complex components by installing two gas chromatographs in a small body.

The conventional multidimensional gas chromatograph (MDGC) uses two ovens equipped with capillary columns, therefore the system becomes large and difficult to install. Analysis also takes time, so there may be issues in terms of suitability for processing in areas such as quality control. The Nexgen GC was developed to solve these problems. It requires of about 1/3 less laboratory space compared to conventional models, and can raise the chromatographic speed faster than before, so it is possible to halve the analysis time . Furthermore, it improves analytical productivity through high speed and space saving.

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