Intertek expands GMP Quality Control pharmaceutical microbiology services


Able to perform ID of bacterial cultures using Biolog MicroStation Identification System

Intertek, a global leader in quality and safety solutions for a wide range of industries, has expanded its GMP Pharmaceutical Microbiology Testing Services from its laboratory in Athlone, Ireland.

Intertek’s GMP Quality Control (QC) microbiology services enable the firm to help manufacturers meet the regulatory quality standards required for raw material testing and release testing of oral medicines (e.g. liquid, tablet and capsule), topical (creams and ointments), injectables, transdermal, ophthalmic products and purified water.

The scope of services extends to microbial limit testing/validation, preservative efficacy testing/validation, disinfectant efficacy testing, endotoxin testing, validation of water systems and incubation of environmental monitoring.

Intertek has broad experience using internationally recognised methods such as compendial methodology; however, the transfer of client-specific methods or bespoke method development is also offered.

The expansion brings the capability to perform identification of bacterial cultures using a Biolog MicroStation Identification System. A Phenotypic Identification System can be used to identify the following isolate types: gram negative rods (e.g. Pseudomonas, E-coli), gram positive rods (e.g. Bacillus), and gram positive cocci (e.g. Staphylococcus aureus).

‘Businesses across Europe benefit from consolidating service provision for chemical and microbiological QC testing by using Intertek’s efficient ‘one-stop shop’,’ said Dr Ben Cliff, Laboratory Director, Intertek Pharmaceutical Services, Ireland.

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‘This expanded capability to perform identification of bacterial cultures strengthens our ability to help our pharmaceutical and healthcare clients with a much more comprehensive microbiology QC support service for their production and R&D needs.’