LIVE FROM CPhI 2011: Dow PS&F to expand Carbowax Sentry capacity in 2012


To meet rising demand for these solid grade polyethylene glycols

Dow Polyglycols, Surfactants & Fluids (PS&F), a business unit of Dow Chemical Co is to expand capacity for the production of Carbowax Sentry Solid Grade Polyethylene Glycols. This expansion project is expected to begin next year and will support the global supply of the product.

John Hammer, global marketing manager for Dow PS&F, said: ‘As an industry leader in polyethylene glycols for pharmaceutical applications, Dow is dedicated to improving access to Carbowax Sentry products. This expansion supports our strategic growth, allowing us to continually produce the high-quality products our customers expect.’

Pat Killian, global asset leader for Dow PS&F added: ‘Expanding the Carbowax Sentry capacity assists us in addressing the rising demand in this growing market space – demonstrating Dow’s commitment to growth in strategic markets.’

Carbowax Sentry Polyethylene Glycols are highly versatile excipients and Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) produced to help meet the requirements of the pharmaceutical industry, personal care industry and food product formulators. Applications range from tablet binding and laxatives to toothpaste and hair care products.