LIVE FROM INTERPACK: Linx CJ400 is portable, quick to set up and simple to use


Features an Easi-Change Service Module with on-screen prompts

Linx Printing Technologies’ new Continuous Ink Jet (CIJ) printer, the CJ400, is portable, quick to set up and simple to use.

The Huntingdon, UK-based firm says a key innovation of the printer, which can be used for coding primary packaging and very simple secondary packaging, is its Easi-Change Service Module, which can be changed in minutes using on-screen prompts. This allows scheduled maintenance to be completed without the need to call out a technician or make costly service calls, which is a major advantage for smaller customers or those in remote regions.
The compact CJ400 weighs only 13.5kg

The compact CJ400 weighs only 13.5kg

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Further self-maintenance features include on-screen troubleshooting, which can solve the majority of operating issues without the need to consult manuals or engineers.

‘You can service the CJ400 yourself once a year,’ said Dr Paul Doody, director of marketing. ‘You just follow the instructions on the machine, which guides you through eight steps that take about 20 minutes.’

With the Easi-Change Service Module all relevant serviceable parts are housed in an easily removable box, with no wires or pipes to disconnect and reconnect, and no need to expose other printer components during servicing. In addition there are no electronic components to replace when the module is changed, reducing cost and waste.

Low maintenance is further enhanced by extended printhead cleaning intervals, typically three months.

Other cost savings come from the 62 micron printhead nozzle which saves up to 40% ink usage compared with other CIJ printers, says Linx. Solvent consumption is also reduced by up to 33%.

The Linx CJ400 delivers increased production uptime owing to an extended 10-hour fluid refill warning that minimises the risk of the printer running empty.

The CJ400 weighs only 13.5kg complete with fluids, making it one of the lightest CIJ printers on the market. It also has the capability to store settings for up to four production lines and 1,000 typical messages, which can be selected in seconds.

One-step set up is assured thanks to an easy to use colour touch screen. The same system offers step-by-step message creation and editing without requiring any complicated manuals or training. Mistake-proof refills with SureFill fluid identification prevents expensive damage caused by the use of incorrect inks and solvents.

Doody said the CJ400 is now available for demonstration and will start to be distributed in July.