Laetus brings Secure Track and Trace to the next level

Laetus S-TTS 2.6.0 offers new capabilities to enhance the user experience

The S-TTS Software Platform is enhanced with new capabilities and delivers a unique user experience

Laetus has released the S-TTS 2.6.0 version of its Secure-Track & Trace Solutions software (S-TTS), its well-known software solution for pharmaceutical serialisation, aggregation and track and trace, meeting all requirements of international product traceability regulations. Modularity and the multi-level system architecture ensure the highest flexibility and a long-term security of investment.

The S-TTS Software Platform is enhanced with new capabilities and delivers a unique user experience. The full range of innovations of the Laetus S-TTS 2.6.0 Software will be demonstrated for the first time at the upcoming Laetus Open House Serialisation 2016, scheduled for 1 and 2 June at the Track & Trace Academy in Bensheim, Germany.

Highlights of the 2.6.0 release of the Laetus S-TTS software platform include:

  • Improved architecture to allow faster response to customer specific software adaptations and changes.
  • Merge of plant operation functions (Level 4 data import) with core standard procedure eliminates time and costs associated with customization and qualification.
  • Introduction of Laetus External Communicator to provide straightforward interfacing to all Level 4 systems with a standard, configurable core product.
  • Mass decommissioning function reduces operating times and rework during the packaging process.
  • Introduction of a new aggregation cell (ICD-M&V) guarantees reliable product aggregation even in unstable mechanical packaging processes.
  • New Reload single cell function allows the operator to reset each cell level rather than the whole line, further improving operation efficiency during the packaging process.
  • Improved user experience across all applications.

The marking and tracking of individual products on their way through the supply chain is moving into focus, not just in the pharmaceutical industry. Traceability and supply chain transparency – a long-standing requirement in the automotive and food industries – are becoming increasingly important due to the dramatic global increase of counterfeits in industrial and consumer goods. Various national regulations have been established in order to protect the legal supply chain of mainly prescription drugs. These differ not only in terms of required data carriers and contents, but also range from straightforward serialisation of individual sales units (e.g. end-to-end at EU FMD) to full track and trace capabilities that illustrate the complete path of a product through the supply chain to the point of dispense.

Regardless of whether compliance requirements need to be fulfilled or whether the objective is to achieve greater transparency in the supply chain, track and trace software supports the structuring of processes and increases product safety.

'Many man-years of software development have gone into Laetus’ S-TTS Platform, and we are proud to release this major new version now,' said Alex Lever, Managing Director of Laetus. 'Its continuous improvement in functionality, efficiency, connectivity and user experience has been designed and planned to address the key challenges our customers face every day.'