Legacy Pharmaceutical Packaging rebrands as Legacy Pharma Solutions

Published: 23-Sep-2020

Repositioning reflects CPO’s growth beyond traditional packaging roots, including foray into third-party logistics, supply chain transparency and OTC product procurement

Legacy Pharmaceutical Packaging, a contract packager serving the global pharmaceutical industry with bottling, blistering, pouching, unit-of-use, serialisation, compliance and secondary packaging services, is now Legacy Pharma Solutions.

The repositioning reflects the contract packager’s expansion well beyond the offerings typically provided by CPOs, including 3PL services, supply chain transparency solutions and retail pharma product procurement for over-the-counter medications.

Legacy’s recent growth — as well as its near-term plans — have also required more floorspace. This spring, the company met this need with an expansion into a 215,000 square foot open-space facility near its St Louis headquarters that nearly doubled its overall footprint, which now stands at more than 500,000 square feet.

Although the chief driver behind Legacy’s facility expansion was the introduction of comprehensive, wide-scale 3PL and distribution services for OTC and Rx pharma customers, its name change represents its breadth of expanded packaging services and plans to expand other beyond-CPO services as well.

“When we stood back and looked at the expansion of our services in recent years — capped by the recent facility expansion — the decision to rebrand was self-evident, as we now extend well beyond packaging-only operations,” said Dave Spence, CEO of Legacy Pharmaceutical Packaging.

“Legacy Pharma Solutions better represents both where we are today and where we plan to go in the near future.”

Legacy will continue to build on its full turnkey services, such as warehousing of bulk product to ultimately shorten product cycle times and afford customers an additional layer of safety stock to greatly reduce out of stock situations.

Expanded 3PL offerings will include an inventory portal, charge-back system, a serialisation suite and a returns processing department. The result is an optimised process for all stakeholders, including manufacturers, packaging suppliers and retailers.

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