Linx CJ400LE meets the needs of laboratory staff

Published: 26-Nov-2014

Suitable for putting codes onto petri dishes

The new Linx CJ400LE printer has been tailored specifically for coding and marking in laboratory environments.

Linx Printing Technologies says it has launched the product to meet the demands of customers who want the proven simplicity, flexibility of the Linx CJ400 continuous inkjet printer in a version adapted to a lab, where it is used to code onto petri dishes.

Teamed with an extensive Linx range of inks, including odourless, low-evaporation and non-MEK options, the Linx CJ400LE delivers reliable, clear codes onto a range of substrates.

Easy to use, clean and unobtrusive, the printer weighs only 13.5kg complete with fluids, and its small footprint takes up less bench space.

Its unique hermetically sealed printhead is designed for mess-free operation with minimal cleaning. Typically it will cope with up to 100 starts and stops without manual intervention, making it suitable for multiple short runs.

Fluid refills are also quick and easy without requiring the printer to be opened.

The Link CJ400LE starts up quickly, and its Easi-Change Service Module can be changed in minutes, allowing scheduled maintenance to be carried out without the need for a trained technician or service call.

Other innovations deliver a significant reduction on cleaning costs, ink and solvent consumption.

The printer features an easy to use, colour touch screen, a low-noise cooling system and Ethernet connectivity.

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