Live from CPhI: Almac creates pre-clinical screening packages


API manufacturing facility expansion in Craigavon also nearing completion

Almac’s solid state services group has created a series of pre-clinical screening packages for clients to identify their drug candidate’s chances of success much quicker than using traditional mechanisms.

The package uses a smart, fast and economical approach for lead identification. Designed to identify candidates with drug product-like characteristics, it will also highlight the potential pitfalls associated with the molecules. Experimental efforts concentrate on establishing the physical/chemical, solubility, stability and polymorphic characteristics of each candidate. The information generated can then be used to make a rational decision for lead identification.

‘We are excited to be in a position to offer this package to our clients. Not only is it affordable, but its output will also allow a rapid decision on whether to progress candidates further through early stage development. With speed to market being the most critical factor in sustainable drug development, utilising this service can make a real difference in investment and timelines,’ says Linda McCausland, Almac’s Head of Physical Sciences.

Established in 2008, Almac’s solid state services group is equipped with state of the art analytical research and development technologies and specialises in solid form characterisation, screening and selection and crystallisation process development.

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Almac also announced that the expansion of its API manufacturing facility at Craigavon, UK is near completion, and will be operational by the end of the year. This upgrade includes the installation of two 1,000L reactors and a pressure filter dryer, which allows production of GMP active pharmaceutical ingredients up to 150kg batch size.