Lonza signs clinical supplies contract with Kodiak Sciences


For the development and manufacture of medicines for the treatment of retinal disease

Lonza has signed an agreement with biopharmaceutical firm Kodiak Sciences to manufacture clinical supplies of material for Kodiak's therapeutic candidates for the treatment of retinal disease.

Under the agreement, Lonza will manufacture material at multiple sites, including Slough (UK), Visp (Switzerland) and Nansha (China).

Retinal diseases, such as age-related macular degeneration (AMD), cause blindness by damaging the retina, typically in those over 50 years of age. To date, there are limited treatments. Kodiak’s drug candidates have the goals of restoring vision and slowing disease progression while requiring fewer treatments.

'Our manufacturing requirements are technical, demanding tight coordination across multiple global sites and the highest quality people, materials, and capabilities,' said Victor Perlroth, Chairman and CEO of Kodiak Sciences.

'With Lonza, we have secured the support of one of the largest contract manufacturers of biologics and chemicals in the world. It was critical to choose a reliable, reputable contract manufacturer that understands our technical challenges and has commercial expertise with marketed antibody conjugate medicines.'

Karen Fallen, Vice President, Business Unit Head, Clinical Development and Licensing for Lonza, said the firm would use its expertise in cell line development, biological and chemical manufacturing, and conjugation for the contract.

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'This unique opportunity crosses many of Lonza’s technologies, and we are looking forward to a long and productive partnership with Kodiak as we manufacture their potentially life-changing products for those with retinal disease,' she said.

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