Malvern launches Zetasizer Nano ZSP to global audience

Dynamic light scattering system adds protein measurement and microrheology capabilities

The Zetasizer Nano ZSP joins the Zetasizer family

Malvern Instruments’ Zetasizer Nano ZSP is the latest addition to the UK firm’s Zetasizer family, which brings protein measurement and microrheology capabilities to this range of dynamic light scattering (DLS) systems.

The Zetasizer Nano ZSP delivers enhanced sensitivity and comes with advanced software that drives the two new measurement types, the firm says.

In common with other products in the range, the Zetasizer Nano ZSP is a single, compact unit that is easy to use. Where the Zetasizer Nano ZSP stands apart is in its unique performance specifications for both size and zeta potential measurement. This process is further simplified by the inclusion of a new protein mobility measurement type in the software that controls data acquisition, guiding the user through the measurement and assessing and reporting on data quality.

As well as the suite of protein-specific features, the new version of Zetasizer software, launched with the Zetasizer Nano ZSP, enables a microrheology measurement to be included on the instrument. This DLS-based optical technique allows rheological characterisation of weakly structured and highly strain-sensitive materials using only microlitre sample volumes. Applications include measuring the viscosity of polymer and protein solutions and determining the onset of protein aggregation.

Malvern’s extended Zetasizer family now includes the full Zetasizer Nano range of systems for characterising size, molecular weight and zeta potential measurement; the Zetasizer APS for automated protein size measurements in multiwell plates; and the Zetasizer µV designed for protein size and molecular weight measurements in both cuvette and chromatography modes (for example, in combination with a GPC/SEC system).