Mauser announces acquisition of MaschioPack North America


Mauser USA has acquired MaschioPack North America, based in Atlanta, Georgia, a subsidiary of the Colonial Group of Savannah, Georgia

Mauser announces acquisition of MaschioPack North America

The acquisition of MaschioPack will provide Mauser the opportunity to expand its North American intermediate bulk container footprint, as well as supply additional manufacturing support for its reconditioning affiliate, National Container Group (NCG).

Mauser will continue to supply former MaschioPack customers from the Atlanta location while investing in the facility to align it with other Mauser product offerings.

"We are excited to further expand our presence in the Southeastern US market," said Glenn Frommer, President and CEO of Mauser.

"This acquisition provides us the opportunity to more effectively service our North American customers while at the same time welcoming new customers into our family."

"IBCs and reconditioned packaging are the two fastest growing segments within the industrial packaging industry," said Jeff DeLiberty, Director of New Markets and Business Development of Mauser.

"These assets will not only serve as a critical part of Mauser's growth strategy in North America, but will also provide the necessary support for NCG as the reconditioning industry continues to expand."

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In the coming months, Mauser personnel will work closely with the MaschioPack team and its former customers to ensure a seamless transition to the Mauser design of products.


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