Multiwave 7000 microwave digestion at its best


The new Multiwave 7000 from Anton Paar completes digestions of virtually any sample type, encompasses a streamlined workflow, uses lightweight accessories, minimises cleaning time, with no need for method development

Multiwave 7000

Multiwave 7000

The core feature of Multiwave 7000, the PDC (Pressurised Digestion Cavity), allows acid digestion at temperatures up to 300 °C and pressures up to 199 bar. This ensures complete digestions of all kinds of samples including food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, even in the same run. The vials with plug-on caps are made of glass (disposable), quartz or PTFE-TFM providing tool-free handling.

The instrument has been designed to be both lightweight and budget-friendly. The PTFE-TFM racks and vials save on running costs and reduce the maximum weight, which needs to be carried to less than 1 kg for up to 24 samples.

Temperature and pressure sensors for reaction control are integrated in the PDC so the optional sensors do not need to be handled.

Installed on the product are the ready-to-use methods along with Anton Paar’s customer specific application support helping to reduce time-consuming method development.

Disposable vials and automated cleaning procedures further minimise laboratory work. Racks with up to 24 positions combined with 2000 W power and integrated water cooling minimise the heating / cooling times therefore maximising sample throughput.

While connected to the internet, the Multiwave 7000 automatically sends notifications of completed runs and events via email and gives an audio signal and a visual signal via Smart Light to inform you of the instrument status.

Lab workers can remotely use the Multiwave 7000 via a computer, notebook or mobile phone.

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