Nancy Berg to leave ISPE as CEO at the end of 2014

US organisation begins search for a replacement

The US International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering (ISPE) has announced that Chief Executive Nancy Berg will leave the Society when her three-year contract is completed at the end of this year.

The search for a new CEO to replace Berg is underway.

During her tenure at ISPE, Berg has been responsible for transformational change at the Society, fostering dialogue and education on technical, scientific and regulatory best practices in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. She was the architect of the Society’s ongoing strategic plan, focusing ISPE’s energies and expertise on ground-breaking initiatives related to drug shortages, quality metrics, global manufacturing quality, facility and supply chain issues and patient experiences in clinical trials.

Berg has been instrumental in creating synergies between pharmaceutical industry stakeholders, bringing together diverse groups of professionals, regulators, and partner organisations to work on issues of shared concern.Under Berg’s leadership, ISPE has also moved to strengthen its internal operations. The organisation introduced a strategic redirection of focus in Europe and Asia, while it plans to establish an office in Washington, DC this year, in addition to its headquarters in Tampa, Fla.

Working through to the end of 2014, Berg will continue to strengthen the organisation, support the Board of Directors as it identifies a new CEO, and establish ISPE’s Washington office.

'ISPE appreciates the strategic and directional work contributed by Nancy Berg. Her efforts have established an essential foundation for ensuring ISPE is a dynamic and relevant driver of value for its members and the pharmaceutical industry,' said Damian Greene, 2014 Chair of ISPE’s International Board of Directors.

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