Neopac develops packaging tube for Aurora topical antiparasitic


Aurora Pharmaceuticals’ Revolt Topical solution required a packaging that was secure and aesthetically pleasing

Hoffmann Neopac has developed differentiating packaging for a topical antiparasitic produced by Aurora Pharmaceuticals. Featuring the active ingredient selamectin, the recently released Revolt Topical Solution is now available via prescription in high-barrier single-use tubes with a simple, no-mess applicator.

For the project, Neopac produced its Twist’n’use tube, a small-volume single-dose solution that, once the cap is twisted, is irrevocably opened. In addition to tamper-evidence, the tube’s permanently affixed cap is designed to increase simplicity and enable accurate application of the enclosed product to the area of treatment.

For Aurora, it was important Revolt be packaged in a way that optimised aesthetics without necessitating an external moisture barrier. The Twist’n’use tube features Neopac’s Polyfoil technology, which is a proprietary blend of materials providing barrier properties for products requiring ample protection against moisture, oxygen and other potentially harmful substances. Products housed in Polyfoil solutions can enjoy a longer shelf life compared to those stored in conventional polyethylene (PE) or polypropylene (PP) packaging, Neopac says.

Revolt Topical Solution comes in a variety of sizes and strengths, coinciding with the size of the dog or cat receiving it. Versions with 6% API are available in .25 ml, .75 ml and 1 ml tubes, while 12% API is available in .5 ml, 1 ml, 2 ml or 3 ml tubes. Neopac’s Twist’n’use tubes can hold volumes up to 10ml.

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“Neopac was the only packaging partner that could offer our sought-after combination of premium barrier protection, small-dose delivery accuracy, chemical compatibility, and overall manufacturing quality,” said Richard Mihalik, Director of R&D / Business Development for Aurora Pharmaceuticals. “We are especially thrilled with the innovative dispensing design, which provides direct, hassle-free application of a product that would be otherwise cumbersome to apply.”