Neopac dropper tube protects against oxygen


Suitable for ophthalmic applications

Neopac, a Swiss supplier of plastic medical tubes, has introduced a dropper tube for eye applications.

The Oberdiessbach-based firm says the transparent tube offers excellent barrier properties against oxygen while providing manufacturers and consumers with the opportunity to check the purity of the contents.

Dropper systems are often housed in small glass or plastic vials yet both materials have disadvantages: glass is breakable while plastic offers slight barrier protection. Neopac says it has developed a dropper application for its barrier tubes that is unbreakable, easy to handle and affords optimal protection for sensitive liquids. It also weighs less than glass or hard plastic packaging.

By lightly pressing the tube, individual drops are formed that can be delivered directly into the eyes, precisely and cleanly. Dosing of medicinal products is therefore accurate and constant.

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All materials that come into contact with the contents satisfy the requirements for pharmaceutical primary packaging materials.