Neopac puts new twist on polyfoil tube


Adds child-resistant feature

Hoffman-Neopac, a Swiss manufacturer of high barrier Polyfoil tubes for the biotech, pharmaceutical, personal care and cosmetic industries, has introduced a child-resistant version of its single-dose Twist’n’Use packaging.

Combining a single dose tube with tamper-evident features, the new Twist’n’Use CR is the smallest, certified, child-resistant cap in the industry, according to Neopac.

The package works with two simultaneous movements: pressing down on the outer cap and then twisting. The outer cap freely rotates unless pushed in to interlock with the inner cap. An inner pin is released on twisting the cap, which opens the tube at a defined breaking point. The ergonomic nozzle without rupture point allows the user to apply the liquid or cream precisely to the targeted areas without contamination of the contents. The cap remains on the tube body the whole time.

Neopac says the Twist’n’Use system can be used for topical applications, ointments, dental/oral care, dietary supplements and concentrates/laboratory substances.

The firm’s family of tubes is engineered with patented Polyfoil technology, offering superior barrier properties, including protection against light, corrosion and high aesthetics owing to all-around printing. Polyfoil tubes are also impermeable to organic and chemical substances and protect formulae from too much moisture or oxygen.

The Twist’n’Use CR is certified to US 16 CFR §1700.20 and EN14375 (accepted worldwide, except in the US).