New solution for unsteady products - horizontal label application

Published: 12-Dec-2016

The HERMA wrap-around labeller 242M allows labels to be applied at high speed, even to cartridges and similarly challenging cylindrical products

Until now, applying wrap-around labels to relatively tall cylindrical products that are prone to toppling over, such as cartridges, has been a problem, especially given the requirements of high speed and, in particular, precision.

Specifically to overcome this challenge, HERMA has developed a new type of system – the wrap-around labeller 242M. It is based on the proven type 040M HERMA wrap-around labeller, but transports the products horizontally rather than vertically.

The demand for a solution of this kind is enormous in view of the range and quantity of products that are regularly distributed in cartridge format, including insulating foam, sealants and fillers, cleaning agents and adhesives.

Among the principal consumers are roofers, plumbers, bathroom fitters, general builders and fire protection specialists – all over the world.

Labelling allows different language versions to be brought to the market much more easily because producers no longer need to maintain stocks of pre-printed empty cartridges. Nonetheless, the labels have to be dispensed with the utmost precision and reliability.

If transported upright by a conventional horizontal conveyor belt, however, the 2/4 cartridges – with a diameter of 49 mm and a height of around 230 mm – are simply too unsteady.

With the new solution, the cartridges are transferred from the filling machine to the infeed conveyor of the HERMA labeller longitudinally in a horizontal position. This belt carries the tubes through a 90-degree bend to a horizontally rotating star wheel. Its roller prisms carry the cartridges absolutely securely.

The star wheel feeds them to the labelling station, where they are pressed against a rotating pressure roller and thus set in rotation. Dispensing is synchronised to match the rotational speed, and the label is applied by rolling. This process ensures that the labels are applied to the cartridges with tremendous precision, and that slippage is practically ruled out.

The HERMA 242M wrap-around labeller can label as many as 50 cartridges a minute and either be integrated in a production line or operated offline. For writing the variable data on the labels, users have an enormous choice of suitable printers.

"The HERMA 242M is a solution that very efficiently automates the process of labelling even challenging cylindrical products," insists Martin Kühl, head of HERMA's Labelling Machines division.

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