PeptiDream to collaborate with BIND Therapeutics


To investigate the use of the firm's macrocyclic peptides as the targeting ligand on BIND’s Accurin nanoparticles

PeptiDream, a Tokyo-based biopharmaceutical company, has entered into a research collaboration with US-based BIND Therapeutics.

PeptiDream will use its Peptide Discovery Platform System (PDPS) technology to identify macrocyclic peptides that can be used as biologically active targeting ligands with BIND’s proprietary Accurin nanoparticles. BIND has selected certain targeting ligands to accelerate its focus on products that elicit tumour cell death and modulate the tumour microenvironment to maximise clinical benefit for patients.

Accurins are polymeric nanoparticles that encapsulate and control the release of therapeutic payloads with diverse physical and chemical properties. The surface of Accurins can be functionalised with ligands to elicit a biological response and enhance disease tissue accumulation.

The collaboration will investigate the use of PeptiDream’s macrocyclic peptides as the targeting ligand component for Accurins aimed at modulating anti-tumour immunity.

Kiichi Kubota, President & CEO of PeptiDream, said: 'BIND is the leader in the nanomedicine space and we believe there are excellent synergies between the two companies that could lead to the discovery and development of some truly novel therapeutics.'

PeptiDream has a growing number of internal peptide-drug-conjugate (PDC) programmes underway, in which the peptide functions, not as the drug, but to target drugs (therapeutic cargoes) to specific cells or tissues thereby increasing their efficacy while reducing adverse side effects. Such cargoes can be toxins, small molecule drugs, nanoparticles containing drugs (represented here in the collaboration with BIND), radioisotope drugs, oligo drugs, antibody recruitment compounds, and a variety of other exciting new classes of therapeutic cargos and modalities.

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BIND Therapeutics' CSO Jonathan Yingling added: 'PeptiDream’s Peptide Discovery Platform System allows BIND to access prioritised peptide ligands which in combination with new classes of encapsulated payloads create potential for synergy within the Accurin medicine. We believe this collaboration with PeptiDream is a significant step forward as we further advance our innovative medicines portfolio.'