PerkinElmer expands reagent portfolio


To accelerate biotherapeutics drug development

PerkinElmer’s new assay kits use AlphaLISA technology to help improve the safety testing, manufacturing and quality control of biotherapeutic drugs.

The US company says it has developed these new assays to meet the stringent performance requirements of biotherapeutic drugs.

‘PerkinElmer is continuously seeking new ways to improve human health through the development of innovative technologies,’ said Kevin Hrusovsky, president of Life Sciences and Technology at the company.

‘Adverse reactions due to drug toxicity is a real issue that we are passionate about helping to minimise. We are very excited to enable our customers to improve the safety and efficacy of new biotherapeutic drugs being developed through our new assay kits.’

The AlphaLISA technology is said to achieve higher quality results than the comparable ELISA technology

The kits use PerkinElmer’s AlphaLISA technology, which is said to achieve higher quality results than the comparable ELISA (enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay) technology in half the time, helping to accelerate the drug discovery process.

This technology also has a simple protocol with fewer assay steps compared with standard ELISA, resulting in better inter- and intra-assay precision, greatly improved coefficient of variations, and an easier method transfer to downstream departments due to reduced variability.

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PerkinElmer has a portfolio of solutions across the biotherapeutics workflow, from target identification, cloning and expression to safety testing and quality control. The portfolio includes the LabChip GXII benchtop microfluidic system for high throughput protein analysis and characterisation, and the Janus BioTx Pro workstation for protein purification with batch and column chromatography capabilities.