Pharmacarton Lite ready to meet EC legislation

Compact unit offers track & trace, code, verify and reject of pharma cartons

In anticipation of forthcoming EC legislation on pharmaceutical packaging, which will require the printing of a serialised 2D Datamatrix code on individual cartons and packs, Travtec of Leigh, Lancashire, UK, is launching an enhanced version of its Pharmacarton coding station to enable companies to meet these requirements.

The new Pharmacarton Lite is a compact version that easily integrates into existing packaging lines without extension.

The Pharmacarton provides total control of the carton during the print and vision process to ensure accurate and high-quality printing of high-density barcodes and 2D codes to ECC200/GS1 standards.

The new compact Pharmacarton Lite provides total control of the carton during the print and vision process

The device combines a precision multi-belt conveyor with a synchronised top hold down belt and incorporates the Wolke m600 inkjet printer and an OCR/OCV optical character verification system. A fail-to-safety reject unit with pack confirmation further guarantees the authenticity of each coded pack and helps to maintain line speeds.

The m600 is able to print in real time, with data input from a remote server through the built–in Ethernet port. The printer’s advanced HP technology and water-based inks deliver clean and maintenance-free coding onto a range of substrates, producing characters and bar codes up to 600dpi.

The Pharmacarton Lite is fully adjustable to suit a range of carton sizes.

‘The forthcoming EC Track & Trace legislation will deliver important benefits in the ongoing fight against counterfeiting and a similar requirement is already in place in France,’ said Travtec managing director Harry Thomason.

‘The new Pharmacarton Lite will give companies the flexibility to cost-effectively come into line with these requirements.’