Preservative free multidose dispensing of eye care medication


During the latest edition of CPHI worldwide, Aptar Pharma gave a presentation about the growing importance of Preservative Free Mutidose Dispensing Systems for eye care medications.

As discussed during the presentation, poor patient compliance with drug dosing regimens can be a major impediment to effective treatments. Eye care diseases such as Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD) and Glaucoma are potentially blinding chronic diseases, requiring life-long medical therapy.

Failure to adhere to proper treatment may lead to disease progression and visual loss, not to speak of economic consequences. Even though the topical application of ophthalmic drugs is quite straightforward, it is common knowledge that poor compliance is widespread. It is often a cocktail of many ingredients, including stinging drops and the difficulty of applying drops accurately, particularly for older patients.

Taking into account that in terms of both efficacy and safety, topical delivery of drugs, especially for front-of-the-eye indications, is superior to all other options of administration.

Please have a look at the following presentation by Matthias Birkhoff, Vice President of Marketing, Aptar Pharma. This talk looks at approaches available now and in the near future that enhance efficacy by improving delivery of ophthalmic formulations.Sign up for your free email newsletter