Quotient Bioresearch expands molecular biology services


Adds Real-Time PCR to support screening of subjects

Quotient Bioresearch, a UK provider of early stage and specialist drug development services, has added to its molecular biology service offering.

The firm’s molecular biology services arose from Quotient’s microbiology group (formerly GR Micro), which has more than 13 years’ experience in molecular characterisation, to support the development of anti-infectives. The integration of microbiology within Quotient’s bioanalytical, biomarker and central lab services in 2007 and subsequent investment broadened the molecular offering available to customers.

With the increasing demand for pharmacogenomic stratification of subjects prior to clinical trial enrolment, Quotient has now established Real-Time PCR to support screening of subjects. Building on its existing Real-Time PCR instrumentation, Quotient has invested in the ViiA47, the latest 384-well instrument from Life Technologies, to support this move.

John Blackman Northwood, principal scientist at Quotient, said: ‘We are in the fortunate position to be able to offer value added molecular biology services within a GLP facility and therefore support both preclinical and clinical development.

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‘Our molecular work dovetails with our gene expression work in metabolism, subject stratification in clinical and biomarker analysis in bioanalysis to create a broader range of services for our clients.’