RP Capillary Columns and Emitters improve high res LC-MS analysis

Thermo Fisher’s reversed phase capillary columns and emitters are designed for use in proteomics, clinical peptides and biopharmaceutical research laboratories

Thermo Fisher Scientific has introduced the MAbPac reversed-phase (RP) Capillary HPLC Column, which builds on the MAbPac RP chemistry in analytical flow. With the company’s EASY-Spray Nano and Capillary Emitters, Thermo Fisher says the temperature-controlled column enables reliability and performance, while also providing excellent resolution, long column lifetime and low carry-over. The capillary format of the LC column reportedly improves sensitivity, achieving results with smaller sample volumes. This makes the column suitable for applications such as peptide mapping characterisation and analysis of mAbs fragments, antibody drug conjugates (ADC) and PEGylated proteins.

Proteomics, clinical peptides and biopharmaceutical research laboratories performing high throughput, high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), or liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry (LC-MS) analysis can benefit from the novel capillary chromatography columns and nano- and capillary emitters, specifically designed for highly sensitive top-down, middle-down analysis. These columns and emitters are designed to enable high-resolution, low-flow separations for intact proteins, monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) and peptides.

"Medical and clinical research laboratories are looking to overcome the challenges in designing new biotherapeutic drug entities, for example, having limited sample volumes for analysis," said Molly Flick, VP and General Manager, chromatography consumables solutions, Thermo Fisher Scientific. "In order to break these barriers, the MAbPac RP capillary HPLC column, together with the new nano- and capillary flow emitters, provide increased sensitivity and ease of use for workflows. The new column enables laboratories to advance early stage medical and clinical research by reducing the sample size needed to gather meaningful results."

Erwin M. Schoof, Associate Professor and Head of DTU proteomics core, DTU Bioengineering said: "We are really excited about the new emitters. The Thermo Scientific EASY-Spray Nano- and Capillary Emitters are robust and easy to install and use. They repeatedly deliver excellent performance and last for thousands of acquisitions."

The MAbPac column is available in an EASY-Spray design, which is aimed for ease-of-use, taking advantage of "plug and spray" to low-flow LC. The standalone MAbPac RP Capillary LC column is designed with double nano viper fitters, positioned on each side of the column, enabling finger-tight grip to mount the column onto the system and eliminate dead volume. The nano- and capillary emitters are compatible for use with the company’s EASY-Spray source and FAIMS Pro source. A hardware connection delivers continuous stable spray onto the MS system, enabling reproducibility and robust nano- and capillary flow into LC-MS systems.

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