SAFC and Novozymes extend growth factor agreement

Offers increased cell density, higher viability and extended culture duration

SAFC, the custom manufacturing and services arm of Sigma-Aldrich Group, and Novozymes Biopharma of Denmark have extended their joint LONGR3 agreement by 10 years.

Under the new agreement US-based SAFC will retain exclusive marketing and distribution rights for Novozymes’ LONGR3IGF-I (LONGR3) growth factor used for industrial cell culture applications.

LONGR3 enhances the productivity and performance of industrial cell culture processes, replacing insulin in cell culture, specifically binding to type I IGF receptors to stimulate cell growth and support survival in serum-free media.

SAFC says benefits of the growth factor range from ease-of-use and flexibility to reduced complexity of manufacturing processes and superior performance. LONGR3 provides increased cell density, higher viability and extended culture duration, without compromising safety or regulatory compliance.

Michael James, SAFC’s marketing manager, said: ‘This exclusive 10-year agreement is expected to enhance SAFC's market-leading position as a critical raw material supplier into the biologic and vaccine markets.’

Peter Rosholm, vice president, Novozymes Biopharma, added: ‘The outlook for LONGR3 is extremely positive as it offers both potency and innovation and we look forward to working closely with SAFC to service customers in this market.’