SGS launches pathway to accelerate molecules from preclinical to clinical formulation

Published: 17-May-2023

"SGS PACE is a seamless combination of world-leading development, bioanalysis and clinical research through one point of contact"

SGS has launched SGS PACE.

Speaking about the launch, SGS said: "Bringing the vision of your drug to life, SGS PACE is a unique, streamlined pathway to accelerate molecules from preclinical to clinical formulation and manufacturing to First in Human (FIH) and Proof of Concept (POC).

"With SGS PACE, world leading development, bioanalysis and clinical research are connected seamlessly through one point of contact. Eliminating the accumulation of third parties speeds up the process. We provide complete oversight at every stage of your drug pathway, with dedicated program management to ensures that your project stays on track.

"SGS PACE saves you valuable time and helps you to improve efficiency, so you can reach key milestones more quickly, deliver clinical results effectively and ensure commercial success."

What are the benefits of SGS pace?

SGS continued: "With SGS PACE, you can improve flexibility, efficiency and the speed of clinical development. SGS PACE provides a streamlined pathway from clinical testing to Phase 2 trials. It offers you a more efficient and effective route to market, with preclinical testing, formulation and manufacturing, and FIH/POC all provided by one organisation. Our tailor-made service provides an expert-directed roadmap to clinic through one program manager.

"By marrying bioanalysis, drug development and clinical access under one program, with enabled formulations for toxicology and FIH, SGS PACE allows you to maximise your drug’s potential from early on in your drug development program."

An integrated team of experts to streamline molecules' pathway

"Throughout your project, our experts will provide you with high quality, comprehensive scientific and medical reviews to aid your decision making and enable you to achieve your key objectives.

"Seamless service: through our global network of experts, SGS PACE brings together all phases of drug development that would traditionally be handled by separate organisations and vendors, greatly improving efficiency, and reducing overall costs.

"Strategic consultancy: we offer ongoing support. Our consultants will work with you to build a custom service and advise you, all the way from the formulation stage to FIH/POC.

"Program management: a dedicated program manager will collaborate with your teams and SGS's network to provide you with custom strategies and help you develop time frames and cost management plans that match your needs and budget. 

"Improved flexibility: SGS PACE offers full flexibility in the selection, optimisation and adjustment of drug formulations. By removing the challenge of conflicting timelines from different vendors, which can lead to cascading delays, it ensures a more agile, resilient process." 

"We're excited to introduce this service to our customers and are looking forward to seeing improved efficiency and helping to speed up the clinical development process. We're always developing new ways to help our customers, and this is particularly game changing," said Olivier Coppey, Executive Vice President, Health and Nutrition at SGS.

SGS concluded: "Our global network of analytical testing, formulation, clinical research and clinical manufacturing solutions offers a wide range of integrated services and expertise across America, Europe and Asia-Pacific. Our experts are ready to support you throughout the development and commercial manufacture of your drug product, helping you ensure the delivery of safe, effective, and compliant medicines to global markets." 

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