SICCO: delivering safe storage systems for 30 years

Published: 13-Jul-2022

SICCO desiccators and drying cabinets are used in many different industrial sectors. Available in a variety of sizes with maximum flexibility and functionality, they cover the full spectrum of protected drying and storage. With robust construction, appealing design and sophisticated functionality, SICCO desiccators set the standard.

SICCO, a Bohlender brand, is the result of 30 years of experience in the field of delivering safe storage systems for sensitive items and materials. All design, development and manufacturing are done in-house by Bohlender professionals.

Desiccators: SICCO desiccators are designed to store or dry humidity sensitive products using Silicagel. The tight-fitting door protects the contents from atmospheric contamination, providing dust- and humidity free storage.

The controlled environment inside the desiccators is ideal for storing reference/retained samples, metallographic specimens and DNA. The SICCO range includes antistatic, thermal, gas filling, vacuum and automatic desiccators.

Glove boxes: SICCO glove boxes provide a safe and controlled environment to work with contaminated and sensitive compounds.

The natural rubber gloves ensure the necessary mobility for safe handling. The gas-filling connectors allow the workspace as well as the transfer chamber to be flushed with inert gas. Using a transfer chamber, the glove boxes can be easily loaded.

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