SUEZ introduces internet connectivity to its lab water purification systems


SUEZ Smart Connect simplifies water purification management and maintenance for labs

SUEZ Smart Connect

SUEZ Water Technologies and Solutions has introduced internet connectivity to its popular select range of laboratory water purification systems to further simplify asset management and maintenance for its customers.

SUEZ Smart Connect will be available on all new units as a standard feature and can be easily retrofitted to existing units by a SUEZ engineer, as part of a service visit.

SUEZ Water UK designs, develops and manufactures water purification systems for use in applications in both the healthcare and research sectors. The company specialises in a wide range of technologies, including ion exchange, carbon adsorption, reverse osmosis, ultraviolet irradiation, electro-deionisation and ultrafiltration.

The water purification systems connect to the internet using the laboratory’s local Wi-Fi connection to establish a secure link that allows key data from the system to be remotely accessed and viewed in real-time by the end user, who can also access the SUEZ service and customer support functions.

This function allows SUEZ’ service engineers to access vital information such as the system’s flow rates, purity levels and dispense rates to enable any faults to be remotely and efficiently diagnosed, saving time and hassle for laboratories.

With SUEZ Smart Connect we’re offering a modern and easy way for laboratories to manage and maintain their water purification systems,” said Steve Mines, Sales Director for Water Purification Systems at SUEZ Water Technologies and Solutions.

“This new flexible connectivity allows us to keep a proactive watchful eye on our customer’s systems, making them aware only when they need to take action and taking the time and hassle of regular maintenance and consumables management off their shoulders.”

SUEZ Smart Connect provides complete visibility of all installed systems and helps with equipment planning, management to real-time assurance on water consistency and quality. The upgrade also includes the installation of a new touch screen control panel, which can be operated when wearing latex gloves.

The company will be showcasing SUEZ Smart Connect at Lab Innovations, on stand J15.

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