Sanofi reveals updated corporate brand and logo


The company’s internal and acquired brands will be consolidated under the single brand

Sanofi reveals updated corporate brand and logo

Sanofi has refreshed its corporate brand in support of a modernisation and transformation initiative the company launched in December 2019.

The company’s 50 year history has included the development of treatments for rare diseases and the establishment of standards of care in diabetes and cardiovascular disease. The company is also responsible for delivering influenza and polio vaccines, as well as treatments for inflammatory diseases.

The updated brand is designed to bring together the company’s history under a common identity for the first time. Current business units Sanofi Pasteur and Sanofi Genzyme, focused on vaccines and specialty care respectively, as well as all other acquired brands, will be consolidated under the singular name and brand.

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“As we approach the half century mark of our company’s existence, we have undertaken the most important transformation and modernization in our history,” said Paul Hudson, CEO of Sanofi. “In 2019, we launched our Play to Win strategy, which focuses on applying our platform for innovation to produce first- and best-in-class treatments and vaccines. Our new brand is a natural and important next step in this journey and represents the integrated way in which the company will work to achieve our shared ambition to transform the practice of medicine.”