Secure and accurate labelling for life science products


Web-based solution for labelling pharmaceuticals and medical devices simplifies compliance

Prisym Medica is a web-based system that allows life science companies to review, validate and record their labels on products from medical devices to pharmaceuticals and into clinical trials quickly and efficiently, while allowing greater collaboration across the process.

The system, developed by British firm Prisym ID, allows all relevant parties access to the design, review and validation process online. There is no need to install the relevant software at each location and the web-based nature of the solution also means that it is simpler to involve people simultaneously at each step of the label production process, making collaboration much easier.

Prisym Medica enables unique serialised codes to be applied automatically in the format necessary to meet local legislative requirements. Where appropriate, live batch information, destination information and intelligent serial numbers for compliance with international regulations can be automatically passed for printing.

‘With 200,000 deaths a year in the US alone caused by preventable medical mistakes, such as inaccurate or unclear labelling, accuracy, accountability, and thus compliance, are vital for life sciences,’ said Dave Taylor, product manager of Prisym ID.

‘A lack of accuracy and clarity in labelling contributes to 1 in 10 NHS patients suffering from mistakes in their treatment. Without accountability in labelling, piracy and counterfeiting, which cost the life sciences industry US$38bn a year, become harder to spot.’