Servier and X-Chem team up on drug discovery


Servier will retain all rights for the commercialisation of any products resulting from the collaboration

Servier and X-Chem team up on drug discovery

Servier and X-Chem have announced today a partnership to identify and develop novel small molecules for the treatment of neurological disorders.

X-Chem will utilise its DNA-encoded library (DEL) platform to identify novel small molecule leads directed towards central nervous system (CNS) targets of interest to Servier. The parties may further progress identified leads into protein-degrading chimeric molecules, with X-Chem leading the design and synthesis of bispecific degrader molecules.

Servier will be responsible for advancing any promising candidates through preclinical and clinical development and retains all rights for the commercialisation of any products resulting from the collaboration. X-Chem will receive research payments and is entitled to additional payments upon the achievement of certain success milestones.

“Our partnership with X-Chem supports Servier’s drive for innovative drug discovery approaches towards new treatments for the benefit of patients suffering from neurological diseases. Combining our expertise gives us a truly valuable opportunity to advance the expanding internal program of drug discovery projects here at Servier, with the ultimate goal of bringing forward new and effective treatments to slow the progression of these devastating diseases,” said Ross Jeggo, Head of the Neurology & Immuno-Inflammation therapeutic area at Servier.

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“We are delighted that Servier has chosen X-Chem as its partner for drug discovery in this challenging therapeutic area.” said Matt Clark, CEO at X-Chem. “We look forward to a long-term scientific collaboration with the Servier team to make advances in the treatment of neurological diseases.”