Shimadzu releases new Nexera series with analytical intelligence

The Nexera LC-40 UHPLC series with AI and IoT enhancements has been designed to set an industry standard for intelligence, efficiency and design

Operators can set the Nexera to start up at a specified time, so that it can complete auto-purge, equilibration, baseline checks and system suitability in advance, and be ready for analysis before they arrive at the lab.

Automated support functions utilising digital technology, such as M2M, IoT, and analytical intelligence (AI) enable higher productivity and maximum reliability. Furthermore, AI now allows the system to continually monitor and diagnose itself, handle any issues during data acquisition without user input, and automatically behave as if it was operated by an expert.

In addition, FlowPilot ramps up the flow rate gradually, reducing the possibility of pressure shock. This minimises the risk of damaging the column that could over time affect the data quality. The acquisition of high quality, reproducible data is supported regardless of the operator’s skill level for both routine and demanding applications.

The Nexera UHPLC increases efficiency by automating workflows and maximising throughput analysis. The SIL-40 autosampler can process the entire injection cycle time in as little as seven seconds and the plate changers enable non-stop temperature-controlled analysis of thousands of samples. The Nexera automatically blends mobile phases at any set ratio, which speeds up the preparation of buffer solutions and the dilution of solvents.

The Nexera's compact design saves on valuable bench space and now utilises over 80% less electricity in standby mode. The result is significantly reduced running costs, supporting the environmentally friendly lab.

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