Simon Angeldorff stays as CEO at Envirotainer

Following a successful six months as interim CEO at the company

Following the implementation of several successful initiatives, Envirotainer’s Executive Chairman of the Board and interim CEO Simon Angeldorff has accepted the permanent position of CEO at the company.

Angeldorff replaced Gustaf Ljunggren as interim CEO at the Swedish cold logistics specialist last November. Although the recruitment process for the position has been ongoing, based on Angeldorff’s demonstrated leadership and the direction he has taken in the past six months at Envirotainer, the Board has made a unanimous decision to offer him the position of CEO on a permanent basis.

Angeldorff has a background in financial positions as well as experience in venture capital, and has served as a board member for companies including Loparex and Viking Redningstjeneste.

Tommy Wikström, currently a member of the Board, will step up to Chairman, while Kristofer Runnquist will join the Board.

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